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Award winning Chef, Curry Life Award 2012/13-Best Chef

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About Spice Villa London

Spice Villa, a popular Indian takeaway in London, is the outcome of our hard work since its opening. We worked hard with an aim in our mind to win the hearts of the people living in and commuting to this city very frequently. We prepared our dishes as per the expectations of our customers by selecting the best ingredients and methods of preparing them. All of our dishes are prepared by our award winning Chef, the winner of Best Chef award in Curry Life Award 2012/13. Our concern about the convenience of our customers has also attracted many of them. We accepted their takeaway order online to save their time and efforts. In order to make order placing system more convenient we have recently launched our apps through App Store and Google Store. You can download our apps on your mobile devices like cell phones, tablets or laptops from any if these platforms to place your orders even on the go.

Spice Villa London Restaurant

The existence of Spice Villa, an Indian takeaway, at 12 Westerham Ave, London N9 9BU has never made it difficult to find it in London as it is a prominent location of this city. Along with the benefit of our address, our popularity also makes it easy to find us with the help of local residents as anyone can guide you to reach us. You can also collect your order anytime by reaching us through local means of transportation facilities. If you are visiting London after a long time or for the first time then you can use online maps like Google maps etc. to find us in this region.

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